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Zaddy Users are CEO’s, Executive Level Professionals, Successful Entrepreneurs, and Socially Lit College Students.

Unique Experiences

Zaddy Users are not "Come over and chill" type of daters, they are professionals and/or attractive social lites who enjoy unique luxurious and memorable dating experiences.

Ideal Relationships

Zaddy is the only dating app that brings a board variety of mutually benificial relationship types on one dating platform! on Zaddy users can make their relationship terms and conditions clear for a more focused and fullfiling experience.

CEO's, Executive Level Professionals, Entrepreneurs, College Students, Models and more choose the Zaddy App to conveniently locate and connect with the best candidates the dating market has to offer.

The Zaddy App is a dating hub where ambitious gentlemen and ladies come to meet.

Zaddy Users are not '' Come over and chill'' type of daters, they are professional social lites who enjoy memorable dating experiences.

Users Join Zaddy for Memorable Dating Experiences such as: Fine Dining, Excursions, Traveling Adventures, VIP Night Life, and more!

The Zaddy App caters to many relationship types such as:

  • Traditional Monogamous Relationships
  • Open Relationships
  • Polygamy/Polygyny
  • B.D.S.M
  • Casual Dating
  • Mentorship
  • Networking/Friends

Zaddy Specific Features:

  • Free to Join!
  • No swiping; simply set your criteria and search users who match your submitted criteria
  • Face verification to prevent false accounts
  • Send emojis, photos, and gifs in chat messaging

Zaddy is free to download, create a profile, and search other users.

The Zaddy App does not encourage or facilitate compensated dating or companionship. Zaddy is strictly a dating app for users who desire to create luxurious memorable dating experiences with ambitious individuals. Users who solicit illegal services on the Zaddy app will be suspended.

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